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Poet, thinker, Dr. Abdul Azeez Al Makaleh receives the  Sultan AlEwis award for poetry  from the secretary general of the AlEwis Cultural Foundation, Abdul Hamid Ahmed,  in Sana'a 11 April 2010.

From left to right, Nasser Arrabyee, Robert Worth, Thomas Freidman,talking about the situation in Yemen, late February 2010, Sana'a, Yemen.

 A group of journalists from middle east discussing the role of media in the US foreign policy, with the deputy spokesperson for the middle eastern media, the US Department of State, Erin Pelton.

 Nasser Arrabyee in Liberty Island,New York, March 14th,  2010. 

Nasser Arrabyee, producer of the Oath,introducing  the film to the audience in Salt Lake City, Utah, January, 2010.

A group of journalists from the middle east talking with Katherine Hariss in Sarasota, Florida, March 2010.

Nasser Arrabyee (left) and Katherine Hariss, the former Senator of Florida, in Sarasota, Florida, March, 2010.

Nasser Arrabyee, (left), Jeffrey Buck, the International Visitor Program officer at the US Department of State.

Jeffery Buck,US Department of State, Nasser Arrabyee, Danial Orange, Meridian   International Center   

Group photo for journalists from middle east
at the graduation cermony of the international visitor program in Tampa, Florida, March,2010.

A group of journalists from the middle east in the graduate Colombia School for Journalism early March 2010.

A group of journalists from the middle east listening to the spokesman of the US mission in UN, March 2010.

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