Monday, 25 May 2009

Ex-ambassador to stand trial for 'supporting secession'

By Nasser Arrabyee/25/05/2009

A Yemeni former diplomat will be put on trial this week over charges of encouraging regionalism and disunity between south and north, official sources said.

The ex-ambassador Qasim Asker Jubran will stand trial over charges of inciting an armed disobedience against the authorities during 2007-2009, targeting national unity and breaking laws, posing threat to the society's security and inciting secession sentiment, the official news agency (Saba) said.

Jubran was also accused of calling for rallies at public places and roads, propagating false information to destabilize the country and sparking culture of hatred, the agency said.

Jamal Al Ja'abi, his lawyer, said the accusations are political and they are aiming at combating people who show solidarity with the "southern issue".

The lawyer said that his client denied the charges in investigations and that he told the investigators "he supports the southern issue and the demands of the southerners because they were wronged".

"Before that, he told the President Saleh to look into the southern issue and President promised him to do, but nothing happened since then," said the lawyer.

The ex-ambassador was arrested three weeks ago in the southern city of Aden. He served as an ambassador of Yemen to Mauritania from 2001- 2006.

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