Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Federal union proposed to end Yemen's unrest

By Nasser Arrabyee 09/06/2009

An opposition leader proposed establishment of a federal union system to end the increasing calls for separation of the south from the north which united in 1990.

Abdul Rahamn Al Jafrey, chairman of RAY party, said in a press conference held Monday in Sana'a that federalism will be the best system for Yemen to achieve equal citizenship based on justice in power and wealth.

Al Jafrey was the second man in the secessionist group who attempted to secede the south from the north in 1994 under the leadership of Ali Salem Al Beidh. He returned to Yemen in 2006 after a presidential pardon.

For implementing his initiative of federalism, Al Jafrey said that President Ali Abdullah Saleh must chair a conference for national dialogue attended by representatives of all groups and parties without exception. The conference should be held within two months from now, according the Al Jafrey imitative.

"Five representatives from every party, four representatives from the southern movement, three representatives from Al Houthi groups, three representatives from the opposition abroad, 10 representatives from tribal sheikhs and clerics, 10 academicians, and 10 representatives from independents and civil society must attend the conference, " Al Jafrey said in his 10-page national initiative to solve the crisis.

The conference should elect a committee to receive proposals from all parties and groups on the constitutional amendments required for achieving the federal union system within a period of three months maximum.

A national unity government chaired by President Ali Abdullah Saleh will be monitoring and supervising the implementation of what will be agreed upon in the conference of the national dialogue.

Al Jafrey said that the regime failed in administration of the merger unity and federalism will be the best solution to rescue the nation from collapse into chaos.

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