Thursday, 22 March 2012

International call for comprehensive dialogue without delay in Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee, 22/03/2012

The external  supporters of the stalling political process in Yemen called all parties to hold a comprehensive dialogue conference without delay, warning of any failure.

In a statement issued by the US embassy  in Sanaa which leads the international efforts to bring stability to Yemen,  on  Thursday, they would not accept any interference from any party to foil their efforts. 

The external supporters, who called themselves 'Witnesses' called all parties to stop political wrangles in media and focus on implementation of the 
US-backed and Saudi-led gulf-brokered deal.

The call came after the political process  almost stalled due to a war of  words between  the parties who form the unity government  over who was responsible for the crimes of  Friday March 18, 2011 in which about 50 protesters were killed.

The parties exchanged accusations.    

The statement said,   Witnesses of the GCC Agreement, recalling the obligations of all parties under the GCC Agreement and UNSCR 2014, and recalling that all parties are accountable for their actions, note with concern the recent deterioration in political cooperation in Yemen and the risks this poses to Phase 2 of the GCC Implementation Plan.

   It is not acceptable for any party to interfere in the implementation of the GCC agreement.  

We call on all parties to calm the rhetoric in the media. 
We reaffirm our unequivocal commitment to the process and our support for President Hadi and the National Unity Government.  

We call upon all the signatories of the GCC Agreement to renew their commitment to and constructive engagement in the implementation of the second Phase. 

We call upon the President to convene the National Dialogue without delay and for all the parties to participate.


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