Monday, 20 May 2013

Is it Al Qaeda or users of Al Qaeda behind targeting Yemen Air Force?

Is it Al Qaeda or users of Al Qaeda behind targeting Yemen Air Force?

By Nasser Arrabyee, 21/05/2013

Yemen President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi and his commander of Air Force Rashid Al Janad finally admitted that "bad" people"  were behind the crash of military air planes  over Sanaa and killing of pilots cold-bloodedly.  

Three military airplanes crashed over Sanaa over the last few months, the last of which was that one crashed in street 50 south of Sanaa last week in which the pilot Hani Aghbari died.And three at least came back to base with bullets on them over the previous months according good sources in the base. 

Two  weeks earlier, three military pilots were assassinated by a motor-cycle riding gunman while in their way to their work in the second most important air base of Anad in Lahj province south of the country.

 The terrorist motor rider who killed the 3 pilots, all of them from south, was later allegedly arrested and identified by security authorities as the " missile" as he called him self according to investigators. 

"These repeated incidents happening with Air Force indicate that there are centers (of force) who want to destroy the Air Force," said President Hadi who was  speaking this week to thousands of officers and soldiers of Al Dailami Air Base in Sanaa, the country's most important base. 

One day earlier, the commander of Air Force brigadier Rashid Al Janad said in televised interview that the three military airplanes that crashed over Sanaa had been shot down. Brigadier Al Janad  was showing pieces of the stricken airplanes with bullets on them to prove that someone from Sanaa was shooting them down deliberately. " Now it's clear to us that there is conspiracy against Air Force," Al Janad said. 

Shortly after the crash of the last military airplane,Russian-made Sukhoi22 over Sanaa, the military intelligence in Anad air base arrested a soldier originally from Lahj. The soldier, who is now under investigations, was accused of having bombed the main  reservoirs of fuel of military airplanes in the Anad base.

Who is behind all these terrorist incidents? Is it the conflicting parties over power?  Is it those who lost their interests by reorganization of army and security? Or is it Al Qaeda who hates all as agents of American and as not good Muslims?

Both groups, Al Qaeda and conflicting influential figures whether those ruling now or those who were ruling, can be behind these terrorist acts. Because both of them have interests. 

The conflicting politicians exploits and uses Al Qaeda for settling accounts with their opponents and Al Qaeda, in turn, exploits and uses the chaos resulting from their conflicts for recruiting more and more and spreading wide and wide.  

Al Qaeda is growing more and more in the south where chaos is more than anywhere else. Al Qaeda knows very well that American trainers and some American special forces are based in Anad air base. So, this fortified bases has been always one of Al Qaeda targets. 

Al Qaeda is always complaining from US drones as ghosts coming down from the sky guided by agents from " bad Muslims", and Yemeni air planes as long arms of government betraying its religion or Kafir government. 

Al Qaeda justifies killing Yemeni Muslim soldiers by saying "we kill them because they are the first barrier between us and our enemy America". 

They also justify bombing any interest of both Yemeni and American or western government by saying "we are in a war and they ( Yemen and US gov) hit us with things that we do not have, and we hit them with things they do not have ( suicide bombers, and other terrorist means)."

"We kill pilots and destroy airplanes because Yemeni government who works under commandership of its master America, tries to kill us and destroy us with these things," said member of Al Qaeda via email.

Last US  drone attacks

On Friday 17 May,2013, the US drone hit a car carrying Al Qaeda operatives  killing at least seven of them in the most mountainous stronghold of Mahfad between Abyan and Shabwah  according to local source. The local top leader, previous top leader of Abyan State, Jallal Beleidi was allegedly killed by that drone attack. However, a relative of Beleidi denied that Jallal was saying he is not dead and he is no longer working with Al Qaeda.

"A deal was made by tribal leader from Marakisha between Beleidi and President Hadi, according to this deal, Beleidi gives up Al Qaeda and in return manhunting him will stop," said the relative who preferred not to be named.