Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Deaths and injuries in battle of announcing Taliban-Style Emirates eastern Yemen

Deaths  and injuries in battle of announcing Taliban-Style Emirates eastern Yemen 

New tactics and strategies of Al Qaeda

By Nasser Arrabyee,05/06/2013

Deaths and injuries are reported from fierce confrontations happening now in Safad area of Ghail Bawazeer in Hudhrmout east of Yemen where Al Qaeda is establishing Taliban-Style Emirates exploiting the country's unrest.

Recently Al Qaeda in Yemen has started a new war with new tactics and strategies. Exploiting chaos and unrest of transition, Al Qaeda is determined to establish Taliban-Style Emirates in remote areas where government is completely absent. 

The Yemen transition President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi is extremely busy with western-supported dialogue to establish a new state with new constitution  while Al Qaeda is expanding and recruiting everywhere in the poverty and conflict stricken country. 

Al Qaeda started this  new war only this week by killing the top security officials and targeting by suicide bombing the country's most vital resources like gas and oil in the far eastern part of the country where Al Qaeda  is establishing its Taliban-Style Emirates.

Asheher and Ghail Ba Wazeer towns in the eastern province of Hudhrmout were the first to be declared as Emirates, despite continuous threats by the  weak government that keeps saying it would not allow any establishment of these terrorist Emirates. On Saturday June 1, 2013, two Al Qaeda operatives riding motor-cycle killed brigadier Yahya Omaisi, commander of Air Force police in Sayoun city, Hudhrmout province where Emirates are being established. 

Only less than two hours later  in the same city, colonel Abdul Rahman Ba Shakil,director of  criminal investigations  of Sayoun was killed by placing and detonating an explosive bag in his car.

 The following day, Sunday June 2, at least 10 soldiers killed and injured when they tried to drive away two car bombs targeting the Yemen most vital gas refinery of Belhaf at border of Sayoun. Only one of the two  car bombs exploded in the security barrier outside the huge gas stations of Yemen LNG. 

The suicide bomber was cut into small pieces that were scattered at the outer entrance of gas stations.

The other car bomb was able to escape in the desert areas where government troops are less familiar than Al Qaeda operatives who know  the ins and outs of those areas. 

The targeted Liquified Natural Gas ( Yemen LNG), dominated by the French company Total  said after the suicide bombing that neither the production nor the exportation of gas had been affected by the terrorist bombing.

The 5 billion US dollars gas project of Belhaf was subjected to many similar terrorist operations despite the fact that the government assigned thousands of soldiers to safeguard and protect it.

 If survived from repeated terrorist attacks, this huge project is expected to give Yemen 50 billion US dollars over the  coming 25 years, that's 2 billion by year. 
One week earlier, colonel Majid Mutair commander central security of Sayoun was killed by Al Qaeda operatives. A total of 85 carefully chosen security and military senior officials were killed by Al Qaeda since the beginning of 2011, most of them in the eastern part of Yemen.

Despite all these assassinations and bombings by Al Qaeda which tries to take control and establish its state,the semi-ruling party of Islamist ( Yemen brotherhood) keep saying there is no Al Qaeda here in Yemen, it's only supporters of ExPresident Saleh who are behind all those assassinations and bombings. 

The spiritual leader of Islamists party, Abdul Majid Al Zandani had asked the President Hadi  to allow Al Qaeda to participate in the current national dialogue. 

After Hadi refused such proposals, Al Zandani described the whole dialogue process as a western conspiracy against Islam.

At the beginning of Yemen political crisis of 2011, Al Zandani went to the square of protesters, majority of them from his party, and told them that the Islamic Caliphate must be established and declared by 2020.

President Hadi and all his external supporters from West and Gulf seem to be very busy with the dialogue and optimistic about its results which are expected to be announced by next September as solutions for all these problems.
Maybe, they  all believe that US drones will eradicate Al Qaeda before elections of February 2014. 

But military commander of Al Qaeda, Kasem Al Raimi, said this week in sound statement that killing Osama bin Laden and Anwar Al Awlaki was not and would not be the end of Al Qaeda.