Thursday, 2 April 2009

Corrupted judiciary behind repeated kidnappings

Corrupted judiciary behind repeated kidnappings

By Nasser Arrabyee/01/04/2009

The corrupted judiciary and absence of the rule of law are behind the repeated kidnappings in Yemen where a Dutch couple was taken hostages by tribesmen, said analysts Wednesday.

"The absence of justice, and dependence of judiciary and lenience of the government with the kidnappers are the reasons behind the repeated kidnappings," said Professor Mohammed Al Dhahri from Sana'a University.

He said that the tribesmen have used the kidnappings as a way to solve their disputes which take very long time in courts and sometimes remained unsolved.

"Meeting the demands of the kidnappers make this phenomenon spread more and more," he said.

The solution for this problem is the application of law and spread of justice through institutions of the state, he added.
The sociologist, Adel Al Sharjabi, on his part, said that the tribal affiliation of the individuals was behind the repeated kidnappings.

"The protection of individuals and their properties is still a collective affair of the tribe," he said "the members of this tribe use the kidnappings to press the government to take the right of one member or more of the tribe."

Two Dutch people, water and environment expert and his wife, are still being held in the mountainous area of Bani Dhabyan about 80 km south east of the capital Sana'a.

The Dutch couple was kidnapped from the southern outskirt of Sana'a last Tuesday, March 31st 2009, by four armed tribesmen from Bani Dhabyan, a tribe famous for kidnappings. The tribesmen were demanding the government the release of their relatives who are jailed for previous kidnapping issue.

Security sources said that Wadi Thana, where the hostages are being held, is surrounded by the security forces.

The security forces also identified the kidnappers as Ali Nasser Thala, Ali Nasser Taleb Saraj, Ali Mohammed Ali Al Ramaz, and Ahmed Taleb Saraj Amer.

Kidnapped foreigners have been often released unharmed.

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