Sunday, 19 April 2009

Pakistani dies in Yemen's prison

Pakistani dies in Yemen's prison
By Nasser Arrabyee/20/04/2009

A Pakistani man died in a prison in Yemen where he was serving a 25-year term for trading drugs, the prison officials said Monday.

"Nabi Bakhsh Ibrahim, 52, has died on Sunday morning in Al Jumhury hospital after he was hit by cancer," said Mutahar Ali Naji, director of the central prison in Sana'a.

"We transferred him to the hospital for treatment from cancer, but he died," he said.

Ibrahim, from Karachi, was among 15 Pakistanis who were sentenced to 25 years in prison each early last March by the State Security Court that convicted them of trading and bringing to Yemeni waters about 10 tons of Hasish. The 16th Pakistani man, the leader of the group, was sentenced to death.

The court also ordered destruction of the quantity of drugs and confiscation of the boat of the convicted men.

The convicted Pakistanis, at the time, shouted with insulting words against the Judge and the prosecutor after the Judge recited the verdict.

Unjust verdict, unjust verdict, American verdict, they shouted.

One of them said, "Yemen is not Muslim, it has neither Islam nor laws."

The alliance of the International forces arrested the 16 Pakistanis last April in the territorial waters of Yemen and handed them to the Yemeni authorities who started trying them on October 2008.

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