Monday, 28 February 2011

Yemen opposition refuse unity government and insist on ‘day of rage’

By Nasser Arrabyee/28/03/2011

The spokesman of the Yemen opposition coalition, refused an offer by President Ali Abdullah Saleh to form a unity government for monitoring parliamentary elections and then presidential elections.

The spokesman, Mohammed Al Kubati, said , “ Saleh has only two options: either to be a former president, or a deposed president.”

The offer of President Saleh came only one day before “a day of rage” called for by the opposition coalition to support the limited but increasing demonstrations of the young people who have been demanding the ouster of Saleh over the last few weeks.

Earlier on Monday President Saleh met the chairman and members of the Yemeni clerics association, which includes all the Yemeni religious scholars like Abdul Majid Al Zandani, the most influential cleric in the Islamist party, Islah, which leads the opposition coalition which includes Islamists, Socialists, and Nasserites.

Before they met Saleh in his 80-million dollar mosque, Al Saleh Mosque, the scholars had advised Saleh to form a unity government from opposition and ruling party, sharing the most important ministries, fifty-fifty. They also advised him to remove all corrupts from their posts.

“Say the truth, say the truth, you will be responsible before Allah almighty for what might happen, those (opposition) are riding the wave of foolishness,” Saleh told the clerics.

“I know, and almost all of you in this room know, who pays for those demonstrations and why and how and , you should say the truth.”

“ We call for a unity government for monitoring the parliamentary elections, and then the presidential elections, and he who avoids the dialogue, hides evil against the nation.”

President Saleh said the opposition replied to his initiative of February 2nd, 2011, in which he said he would not stand for office when his current term ends in 2013, and his son would not succeed him, the opposition replied to it “ time for dialogue is over, now the word is for the street.

“I’m ready to leave the power but not through chaos, I’m fed up now after 32 years, but how to do that peacefully, and you scholars, should say how.”

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