Thursday, 3 February 2011

Yemen opposition wants guarantees from President Saleh

Two rival rallies ended peacefully today, Thursday
By Nasser Arrabyee , 03/02/2011
Sana’a- The Yemeni opposition parties said Thursday they want guarantees from President Ali Abdullah Saleh for implementing an agreement they reached with him on February 2009.

In a massive anti-government rally held in Sana’a and ended peacefully, they also said in speeches delivered to more than 12,000 demonstrators, all unilateral procedures taken by the ruling party should be cancelled.

Saleh’s party and the opposition party agreed on February 2009 to postpone the parliamentary elections for two years, from 2009 to 2011, to make political and electoral reforms first. However, they did not agree on any kind reforms until now.

The top leaders of the three main opposition parties were leading the rally of Thursday nearby the Sana’a university. Secretary general of the Islamist party, Islah, Abdul Wahab Al Ansi, secretary general of the socialist party, Yassin Saeed Noman, and secretary general of Nasserite party, Sultan Al Atwani.

The opposition leaders also said the dominance of Saleh’s family on security and army should be ended as a guarantee for resuming dialogue between them and Saleh’s party.

Earlier yesterday, President Saleh called the opposition to stop demonstrations and come back to dialogue and he would offer all concessions required to meet their demands.

Tens of thousands of Yemenis took to streets on Thursday in the Yemeni capital Sana’a in two big rival rallies one calling for the removal of President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime and the other supporting the regime.

With tanks and armored vehicles deployed in and around the banks and the important institutions, special forces from republican guards along with the normal security forces are also deployed in the streets to maintain security and to prevent any possible clashes, sabotage acts or riots.

Close to the gate of Sana’a university north-west of the capital, about 10,000-12,000 demonstrators from the opposition parties mainly from the Islamist party Islah, were chanting anti-government slogans and carrying placards read: No for hereditary rule, nor for the rule of one family, no for constitutional amendments.

Wearing pink colors as headbands or sashes, young people were chanting : “people want to topple the regime, people want to topple the regime.”

They obviously inspired and emboldened by what’s happening now in Egypt as they were imitating even the same tone of Egyptians who are now protesting against Mubarak regime in Egypt
With young people dancing traditional dance called ‘Bara’a’ on the sounds of drums, a bearded religious leader was praying loudly that Allah almighty help the Egyptians to remove Mubarak and his aides.

And in Tahreer Square in the middle of the city, more than 10,000 demonstrators from the ruling party, mainly from the government employees and school students, held their rally also.
Carrying pictures of President Saleh, flags of Yemen, they were chanting: Yes for security stability, yes for development, no for violence and sabotage . Some were carrying placards supporting the initiative of President Saleh for dialogue.

More than 10 big tens were installed in Tahreer Square for the pro-government demonstrators , because some of them came from the villages around Sana’a city.

The two rival rallies ended peacefully.

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