Thursday, 14 June 2012

Al Qaeda threatens to fight more effectively from caves and mountains


By Nasser Arrabyee/14/06/2012

Al Qaeda said it would spend all the money now only on itsv wars against the "Americans and their agents"  from the mountains and caves instead of fighting from the towns that needs a lot of money for services. 

The journalist Abdul Razaq Al Jamal said that the leader of Al Qaeda in Abyan  Jalal Beledi told him two weeks ago that Al Qaeda will return to the old tactics in its war with the government and Americans.   Beleidi said that they used to spend 400 million rials  (2 million dollars) per month in Abyan province only.  

This money now will be spent on the guerrilla wars which include suicide bombings, the unique weapons of terrorists. 

In Jaar, for instance, he said, 60 million rials ( 300,000US$) was spent every month.

A total of 4 dead bodies were found in a house in Zinjubar after Al Qaeda was forced to leave the town after more 18 months, said local military sources Thursday. 

In the house, a gallows was also found, which means some of those dead bodies were hanged and some were killed by shooting. The dead bodies and the gallows were found in the house of a  former security official in Zinjubar. 

Meanwhile, one of the wives of Al Qaeda leader Tarek Al Fadhli was injured when fighter jets bombed a number of cars carrying escapees at the area of Al Musaiheleh, 50 km east of Shuqrah, on the Gulf of Aden, said sources on Thursday.

Almost all Al Qaeda operatives and their families moved from Shuqrah to Bair Ali and Ahwar in roads other those where soldiers from the brigade 123 are waiting to arrest them, the sources said.

The sources excluded that Al Qaeda will regroup in Azzan, the last stronghold in Shabwah, because they know that the troops and American drones will strike them.  Al Qaeda will return to the old plans of guerrilla wars and will stay in caves and mountains. 


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