Thursday, 7 June 2012

Defected Al Qaeda leader helps troops and tribesmen to defeat terrorists

By Nasser Arrabyee,07/06/2012

At least 30 people were killed in fierce battles between Al Qaeda and tribesmen and government troops at the gate of the Taliban-Style town of Jaar, south of Yemen, said local sources late Thursday. 

The former Al Qaeda leader Abdul Latif Al Sayed is leading the local tribesmen who fight against Al Qaeda with the troops in the area of Batis, at the outskirts of Jaar.

The clashes started earlier today when Al Qaeda sent three vehicles to Batis for the purpose of kidnapping all tribesmen who, they believe, cooperate with the government troops under the leadership of the "defector" Abdul Latif Al Sayed.
The armed tribesmen , known as Anti-AlQaeda popular committees, under the leadership of Al Sayed, surrounded the three vehicles inside Batis, big residential area about 5 km out of Jaar.

Al Qaeda started to shell Batis randomly destroying many houses and killing at least 10 of the residents and 5 of the armed tribesmen.

The army interfered late after noon Thursday when Al Qaeda wanted to storm Batis. At least 15 Al Qaeda fighters were killed when the army prevented them from advancing towards the residential area of Batis, according to military and tribal sources.

"Al Qaeda wanted to kill or arrest the defector Al Sayed who knows all their secrets," said  the tribemsen Hussein from Batis where he fights against Al Qaeda.
" Abdul Latif AlSayed joined us after became convinced that Al Qaeda had nothing to do with religion, and now he will help us a lot to quickly defeat these terrorists," Hussein added. 

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