Thursday, 2 August 2012

Former president  Saleh  calls for making coming dialogue a success 

By Nasser Arrabyee,02/08/2012

The former President Ali Abdullah Saleh called on leaders and members of his party and its allies  to do their best for making the coming national dialogue a success.

In a Ramadan night meeting held  in his house in Sanaa, Saleh said the success of the coming  national comprehensive dialogue will end all  kind of conflicts that tore Yemen for about two years.  

The national dialogue is scheduled to start next November. The  25-member technical committee for preparing for the dialogue is to hold its first meeting on Saturday August 4th, 2012.

Head of the People's General Congress (PGC), Saleh said that his party is now rebuilding itself and its allies  and visions  according to the new  political and economic developments. 

Among the leaders who attended the Ramadan night meeting on Tuesday, Abdul Kareem Al Eryani, deputy chairman of PGC, Sultan Al Barakani,assistant secretary general, Abdul Rehman Al Aqwa'a, assistant secretary general, Aref Al Zooka, assistant secretary general, Ali Mujawar , former  prime minister, and Kasem Sallam, from  the National Alliance, , a number of political parties that ally with Saleh's party. 

The spokesman of PGC and its allies, Abdu Al Janadi said on Wednesday in a press conference that PGC made a plan to recruit about 4 million new members during the coming two years. 

Since he handed the power to his deputy Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi after non-competitive elections agreed on by all parties last February, Saleh focused on his party and its new  political allies. 

Last week Saleh received  in his office two prominent politicians who were supporting the  protests of 2011 against Saleh, regime. 

Saleh's meeting with these two politicians caused a lot of controversy among opponents of Saleh. The two politicians were Mohammed Al Mutawakel, assistant secretary general of the popular forces party, one of the five parties of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) that was against Saleh during the crisis of 2011. 

The second politician who met Saleh was Ali Saif Hassan, the chairman of the political development forum, a local NGO. 

Both Hassan and Al Mutawakel ignored the criticisms  and defended themselves  saying Saleh is the head of the party that has 50 per cent of the government, and as long as we talk about dialogue, we must talk to PGC and its President. 

Saleh also made another controversial thing last week by sending a congratulation letter to his elder son Ahmed who is the commander the republican guards on his 40th birth day. 

Saleh said in his letter which was published by media, " You have your own personality, your own way of life, your own options, your own friends, your own future."
Saleh wanted to says to his son in the congratulation letter, that he has nothing to do with him and his history. " The only thing that connects you with me is the link of  blood and fatherhood," Saleh said to his son.

"So you must be a sincere soldier to your nation," Saleh said in his controversial congratulation letter to his son on his 40th birth day. 

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