Tuesday, 31 July 2012

President Hadi orders investigations into clashes of ministry of interior 

By Nasser Arrabyee,01/08/2012

The Yemeni President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi formed an investigation committee about the clashes that killed and injured a number of soldiers at the gate of the ministry of interior on Tuesday. 

At least 10 soldiers were killed and 25 others injured when about 300 soldiers from the first armored division tried to disperse by force hundreds of protesting soldiers inside the ministry of interior. The clashes continued about 10 hours from early morning. Big looting and plundering acts happened during the clashes. A lot of furniture was sold in the markets in front of the people. 

  The protesting soldiers started their sit-in on Sunday to demand  some of their rights, like higher payments and health insurance. On Monday, the protesting soldiers were told by senior officials at the ministry of interior to end the sit-in and all their demands will be met. 

" But they gave us 24 hours to leave the yard of the ministry or they will evacuate us by force," said Faisal Al  Hemyari, one of the protesting soldiers. 

"Today, we were surprised to see about 300 soldiers attacking us," he said. 

About 80 attacking soldiers were arrested by the protesting soldiers. The supreme security committee released the soldiers on the same day.

The security  committee said in a statement that some officers were "inciting for personal interests", without any further details. 

Meanwhile, 18 soldiers were injured  when unknown fired mortars to the camp of the Central Security in Al Areesh area in Aden. 

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