Sunday, 29 July 2012

'Death for the enemies of Al Qaeda' wherever they are

By Nasser Arrabyee/29/07/2012

After his 14-year old son was killed by a parcel bomb, he received immediately a call saying "We will kill anyone who would stand against Al Qaeda."

That was the tribal sheikh of Kaifah of Rada'a, Al Baidha province, Majid Al Dhahab, who survived an assassination attempt on Saturday 28 July, 2012.

Two armed men came to the street where his is located in Aser area west of the capital Sanaa, where they found his son Ali playing with friends.

The two men , believed to be Al Qaeda operatives, handed Ali an a wrapped parcel and told it was a gift for his father from someone.  A bomb was inside the parcel. Ali took it and entered his house to hand it his father, but he did not find his father. Ali opened the parcel and it exploded killing him immediately.

" Al Qaeda killed my son, Al Qaeda killed my son," Sheikh Majed said immediately after he heard the news of his son.

Shriek Majed is a cousin of Tarek Al Dhahab, Al Qaeda leader in Rada'a who was killed in February this year in clashes with tribal leaders who refuse Al Qaeda and its ideology.

Sheikh Majed Al Dhahab was one of prominent tribal leaders who led a campaign against Al Qaeda last February and forced them to get out from Radaa. Sheikh Hazem Al Dhahab, brother of Tarek, was also killed in the clashes after he killed his terrorist brother Tarek. 

About 40 people were killed in the clashes including six brothers and nephews from Tarek Al Dhahab's family in February.

It's worth mentioning that Sheikh Majec Al Dhahab assassination attempt came days after a cell of five members of Al Qaeda was arrested in Sanaa.

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