Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Why Al Qaeda kills the Police Academy students? Why not others?

By Nasser Arrabyee,11/07/2012 

The Al Qaeda  suicide bombing that killed and injured more than 30 students from The Police Academy in Sanaa today Wednesday was to take revenge from this Academy, said security  sources.

A group of students from this academy arrested a terrorist who led to the arrest of more than 10  Al Qaeda members who were behind the massacre of May 21 in which more than 100 soldiers were killed and 300 injured during a rehearsal parade in Sanaa.

Minutes after the massacre of 
May 21, known as Asabeen Massacre, the Police Academy students, arrested a suspected cameraman while filming the details of the explosion.

" we were very angry to see someone filming, we beat him nearly to death," said Fahd, a student from the Police Academy who participated in the arrest of the cameraman.

The camera man was a member of Al Qaeda, as identified later with a 10- member cell, was assigned to film the suicide bomber of Asabeen massacre before and  during and during he implements the operation.

It's him,  and by the same camera, who filmed the suicide bomber Haitham Mufareh while saying his will before the bombing.

The video clip of Mufareh that was shown days after the massacre was found in the camera of this terrorist.

An earlier retaliation attack against the same  Police Academy failed when an angry member of Al Qaeda infiltrated to the Academy two weeks after Asabeen massacre with a gun machine. He seemed to have wanted to kill as many as possible, but he was arrested easily before he even fires  a single bullet, said sources from the Academy.

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