Sunday, 26 July 2009

Al Jazeera reporters received death threats

By Nasser Arrabyee, 26/07/2009

Sana'a- The reporters of Al Jazeera Satellite channel in Yemen were threatened to be killed if they did not stop covering the protests in the south of the country, said director of the San'a-based office Sunday.

Murad Hashem, director of the office, said he received a telephone call at 10:30 am telling him to stop covering what's happening in the south.

"Your death has become very close, we swear, we'll come over to your house," said the caller from a ground line, number 311635. The caller identified himself as " a good doer".

Hashem said he and his colleagues would continue doing their duties in covering everything happening in Yemen. He sent letters to the Minister of Interior and Syndicate of Yemeni Journalists to take their responsibilities for protecting him and his colleagues.

Murad Hashem and his colleagues received many similar threats especially for the covering of the south protests.
Earlier this month, an MP from the ruling party called for closing the office of AlJazeera in Yemen.

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