Wednesday, 1 July 2009

More than 3 million Euros compensation for Yemenia victims

By Nasser Arrabyee - Correspondent

Sana'a- A total of 3,060,000 Euros will be given as compensation to the families of the victims of Yemenia which crashed last Tuesday in the Indian Ocean nearby the Comoros coasts, said the board chairman of the Yemenia.

Each family will be given 20,000 Euros from the Yemenia as the first installment, said Abdul Khaleq Al Qadi in a press conference held at Sana'a international airport Wednesday.

Al Qaeda also said a person from each family will be chosen to go to the place of accident in Comoros to see the process of searching. He also said that the French Minister of Information will arrive in Moroni today Wednesday to know the latest developments in the searching process.

The black box of the stricken airbus 300-310 was located and efforts were exerting to get it out later today, the official confirmed.

He said that the black box will be transferred to France where the data and details of the accident will be read.

Two American planes and two French ships arrived in Comoros Wednesday to participate in searching for the bodies of the victims, the official added.

Al Qadi repeatedly said the accident had nothing to do with maintenance of the plane, which was made in 1990, has traveled 50,000 hours. The plane was inspected less than tow months ago according to the international standards and under the supervision of the manufacturer, the airbus company.

For nationalities of the passengers, he said 75 Comoros, 65 French, one Canadian, and one Palestinian in addition to the 11-member crew.

The official called upon the international agencies and European Union not to exaggerate in pressuring on his airliner saying the accident was out of their control.

On his part, Mohammed Abdul Rahman, spokesman for the Yemenia, deputy of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, said the survivor was a 14-year old girl not a 5-year old child as he said on Tuesday.

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