Wednesday, 29 July 2009

ااFour soldiers killed in ambush

By Nasser Arrabyee- Correspondent

Sana'a- Four security men were killed and another was injured in an ambush made by gunmen in Abyan, south of Yemen, said local sources Tuesday.

" About 10 saboteurs and outlaws fired this morning on the police patrol in Al Aein area along the road between Lawdar and Modya, Abyan province, killing four and injuring one ," said the local tribal Sheikh of the area , Al Khadher Al Barsha

Meanwhile, a prominent leader of the southern secessionist movement the tribal sheikh and former Jihadist Tarik Al Fadhli was told Tuesday to leave Yemen within three days maximum.

The vice speaker of the Parliament, Mohammed Al Shaddadi conveyed Tuesday an oral message to my brother Tarik, that he must leave the country within three days maximum," said Nasser Al Fadhli, brother of the secessionist leader.

The message also told him not to open tents for receiving condolences around his house and not to raise the flag of the south.

Tarik Al Fadhli said he would not leave the country to any other place and he would continue struggling for "liberating the south" and that he will never leave until he is dead as a martyr, said his brother.

"We are not from Somalia we'll die in our lands, and we'll never leave , but in our coffins," added Nasser Al Fadhli.

Last Thursday, July 23rd, 18 people were killed and more than 30 other injured (statistics of a local human rights group) when security forces clashed with armed supporters of Al Fadhil who were making an unit-unity rally around his palace in Zinjubar, Abyan province, south of the country.

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