Friday, 7 August 2009

Some 256 killed and 1816 injured in traffic accidents

By Nasser Arrabyee /02/08/2009

Sana'a - A total of 256 people were killed and 1816 others injured in about 1339 traffic accidents all over Yemen during the month of July, 2009, said the Ministry of Interior Sunday.

And 9 people were killed and 57 others injured during the first day of August, the Ministry added in an official statistics.

Some 95 people (from both sixes and different ages) were killed and 868 were injured in 667 collision accidents, while 62 were killed and 490 injured in 496 run over accidents, said the statistics statement.

About 92 people were killed and 468 injured in about 207 turn over accidents, while 13 were killed and 27 injured in 37 falling down accidents, the statement added.

The high speed, ignorance of the drivers and pedestrians, overtaking, using mobiles, chewing qat, sudden breakdowns, and rainfall were the main reasons behind that traffic accidents, statement concluded.

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