Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Curfew imposed in Sa'ada

By Nasser Arrabyee/11/08/2009

Sana'a- The Yemeni government said late Tuesday that it would strike with iron fist until Al Houthi rebels surrender themselves.

In an official statement aired by the TV, the government said it would protect the citizens and their properties in Sa'ada province and would liberate citizens kidnapped by the gangs of Al Houthi rebels and saboteurs.

It also said that it had received an appeal from the local authority in Sa'ada for protecting the citizens and their properties from the Al Houthi rebels.

The spokesman of Al Houthi, Mohammed Abdul Salam said that missiles and artillery bombardment targeted Tuesday afternoon the stronghold of the rebels in Matrah, Dhyan, Bani Muath, Al Khmais, Sahar and Al Mahather where dozens of people were killed and injured.

A curfew state was imposed in the Sa'ada city from 8:00 PM according to local sources.

The sources added that police patrols were calling in the streets of Sa'ada city with loudspeakers for the people to close their shops and stay and homes.

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