Thursday, 20 August 2009

Top tribal chief calls for removing Al Houthi

By Nasser Arrabyee/19/08/2009

Sana'a- The tribal chief of the most influential tribe in Yemen said clearly he and his tribe would fight with the army against Al Houthi rebels in Sa'ada, north of the country.

Sheikh Sadeq Abdullah Al Ahmer called for striking Al Houthi rebels with iron fist and eradicating them permanently.

"The Hashed tribe confirms once again that it would stand with the armed forces against Al Houthi and his supporters wherever they are, and the State has the right to eradicate whoever violates the constitution, laws and the constants of the nation, " said Al Ahmer in a letter addressed President Saleh.

Al Ahmer and other tribal chiefs accompanied Tuesday the President Saleh in a swift visit to the site of the ongoing battles between rebels and troops in Haraf Sufyan.

President Saleh on his part, said Al Houthi rebels forced the State to build military fortifications instead of schools in Sa'ada, vowing to uproot them permanently in this war.

" Your armed forces along with all nobles of Sa'ada are now giving the rebels unforgettable lessons in Sa'ada, Haraf Sufyan, and Al Malahaidh, and we are determined to remove the cancer wherever it exists,"

Saleh addressed new graduates from various military colleges in a graduation ceremony held in Sana'a Wednesday.

"They (Al Houthis) forced us to build military fortifications instead of schools," Saleh said in the ceremony which was attended by senior State officials and Arab and non-Arab diplomats.

President Saleh counted previous failed attempts to foil the revolution which overthrew the clerical rule in 1962, saying Al Houthi rebellion is one those failed attempts.

He said Al Houthi believes that all the rulers since 1962 took the power by force, and that Al Houthi wants to restore it because it's only him who has the divine right to rule.

Meanwhile, local Sources from Haraf Sufyan said that battles intensified shortly after Saleh's swift visit on Tuesday and they are still going on until now.

According to emails sent from Al Houthi's office, the rebels took over the area of Al Malahaid, North West of Sa'ada, close to the borders with Saudi Arabia.

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