Saturday, 22 August 2009

US calls for cease -fire in Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee/22/08/2009

The US embassy in Sana'a called upon the Yemeni government and Al Houthi rebels to return to the cease-fire that was announced by President Ali Abdullah Saleh last year.

"The United States Embassy in Sana'a views with deep concern the continuation of the armed conflict between the government of Yemen and Al Houthi rebels in the Sa'ada governorate in north Yemen," said a statement by the embassy Saturday.

"We call upon both parties to return to the cease-fire that was established last year," the said the Statement.

The battles on the ground intensify as military commanders say, "They are closing in on the rebels and the end of the conflict has become imminent."

The embassy also urged the conflicting parties to avoid any action that would endanger the civilian population in the affected area.

"We also call on both parties to ensure the security of the local and international relief workers in the region and the safe passage of emergency relief supplies to camps housing internally displaced persons," the statement concluded.

The American statement came after the President Ali Abdullah Saleh granted Al Houthi rebels another chance for peace on the occasion of the advent of Ramadan.

"We grant the Saboteurs a chance for peace on the basis of unconditional commitment to the six conditions set by the Supreme Security Committee," Saleh said in a speech on occasion of Ramadan.

"If the rebels refuse the peace and compliance with the constitution, we will confront them decisively," Saleh said.

President Saleh will stop the war if the rebels withdraw from all districts they're controlling and removing all check points, they established. They should go down from mountains, and stop blocking the roads and sabotages acts.

The rebels also should hand over all military and civil equipments they seized. They also clarify the fate of the six kidnapped foreigners, and handing over the kidnapped people from Sa'ada, and stop interfering in the affairs of the local authority.

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