Thursday, 13 August 2009

Six conditions to stop the war in Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee/13/08/2009

Sana'a- The Yemeni government demanded Thursday Al Houthi rebels to disclose the fate of the six foreigners who were kidnapped last June, and it would stop the war on them.

The revealing of the six kidnapped foreigners (five-member German family and a British man ) was one of six conditions the government put to stop the all-out war it is now launching on Al Houthi rebels in Sa'ada, north of the country.

In a statement issued by the Supreme Security Committee, the government said it had information that Al Houthi rebels were behind the kidnapping of the nine foreigners. Three women of them, two German and a South Korean nurses were found dead in Saa'ada two days after the kidnapping on June 12th.

The spokesman of Al Houthi said it is the government who is responsible for the kidnapped foreigners.

"The kidnapping was only a conspiracy to launch a war as we said from the beginning, using this issue now is the evidence it was a conspiracy," Mohammed Abdul Salam told Gulf News over phone from Sa'ada.

The other conditions the government put for stopping the war are : Withdrawal from all districts and removing all check points .Going down from mountains, and stopping blocking the roads and sabotages acts. Handing over all equipments, civil and military, they seized. Handing over the kidnapped people from Sa'ada. Non-interference in the affairs of the local authority.

For the other conditions, Abdul Salam said, "We demand the local authorities to be in all districts, every district is open for the local authority."

For the kidnapped people from Sa'ada, he said," We do not have hostages, we have war prisoners, we were in war with them."

If the government is serious, it should stop the war and start solves the problem, we want peace, he said.

Meanwhile, the opposition parties refused and condemned the war and called the conflicting parties for dialogue.

"The conflicting parties seem to be unable to solve the problem, so it should be solved through a national dialogue," said Hasan Zaid the chairman of the Supreme Council of the five main opposition party.

The war should be stopped, added Zaid, who is the head of Al Haq party, the party from which the slain Hussein Al Houthi dissented before he formed the group of the rebels

Tareqk Al Shami, spokeman of the ruling party, said the State must maintain the stability and security in Sa'ada and protect the citizens from "the saboteurs and rebels and terrorists"

On his part, director of education office in Sa'ada province, Mohammed Al Shamiri said that Al Houthi rebels have controlled a total of 63 schools and turned them to barracks for their militant.

He said many teachers were kidnapped from schools because they did not agree to teach Al Houthis hand-sheets that call for disobedience of the State. For example, teacher Saleh Rezk was kidnapped two weeks ago while in his way from Haidan to Al Dhaher area, he said.

Al Shamiri said some schools were turned to forums where Shiite lectures are delivered for Al Houthi supporters.

"They tried to bring students by force to these forums and they dismissed those who refused to attend as unwanted," he said.

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