Friday, 19 March 2010

23 separatists arrested in the south


Yemeni authorities arrested 23 armed separatists in three different provinces in the south of the country where they were carrying out sabotage acts, official sources said Friday.

9 of them were arrested in a house in Al Dhaleé city after a successful raid by the security forces, the sources said.

5 were arrested in Hudhrmout atfer they attacked a school and smashed its windows in addition smashing windows of a car parking next to thepublic school which was empty.

Two more were arrested in Al Mukalla city, where one of them tried to the block the roads and destroy the traffic lights in the streets, and the other tried to set fire to clothes shop belonging to a northern citizen, the sources said.

A total of 7 were arrested in Lahj province where they were trying to undermine security and stability by riots and sabotage acts, the sources said.

Meanwhile, three men were released after being proved they had nothing to do with the sabotage acts.

To this regard, a man was killed and three others injured including two security men, when armed separatists fired at a group of security soldiers in the middle of Al Dhaleé city on Thursday, according to a statement by the ministry of defense.

The security arrested the the separatists who were trying to force the citizens to close their shops in the city.

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