Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Three Al Qaeda leaders confirmed dead by air strike

Three AlQaeda leaders, including a Saudi national, were confirmed dead after autopsy on those killed the Sunday's air strike on an Al Qaeda hideout in the Yemeni southern province of Abyan, said senior security official on Tuesday.
The security director of Abyan, colonel Abdul Razak Al Marwani, said that the leader of Al Qaeda in Abyan, Jamail Al Anbari, from Mudyah, Sameer Al Sana'ani, originally from Saudi Arabia, who was living, in Laudar, and Ahmed Um Zurrmah, were killed in the operation which was implemented on Sunday Yemeni fighter jets on a group of Al Qaeda members in Mudyah area Abyan province.
The security official, Al Marwani, who was appointed earlier this month, described the three dead men as '' dangerous leaders and wanted by security''.
Last December, the Yemeni government declared an open war against Al Qaeda which has been exploiting the disturbances of Al Houthi armed rebellion in the north and the separation calls in the south. The international community, US and Suadi Arabia in particular, support the government for uprooting Al Qaeda, the common enemy of the three of them.

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