Thursday, 18 March 2010

Al Houthi releases 177 captured people in Sa’ada

By Ashwaq Arrabyee 18/3/2010

Al Houthi rebels have handed over about 177 captured people to the mediation committee in Saada city, security sources said Thursday.

The supervisory committee in Saada city received Wednesday 177 soldiers and citizens captured by Al Houthi rebels during the last war in Saada province.

The committee in Saada city has formed three sup-committees to visit districts to ensure the withdrawal of Al Houthis from government buildings and facilities and re-opening roads and removing mines.

The three supervisory committees, in charge of supervising the implementation of six conditions are continuing their work in the four main places, Sa'ada city, Harf Sufyan, Al Malahaid, and the borders with Saudi Arabia.

The spokesman of Al Houthi rebels said Wednesday that they have closed the file of the captured people completely by releasing 180 people captured during the sixth war in Sa’ada.

“We have released about 445 soldiers and government supporters since the beginning of the sixth war. Most of them are from Sa’ada,” said Mohammed Abdul Salam, Al Houthi rebels’ spokesman.

By this step we closed the file of the captured people and we, in return, hope the government would release Al Houthi prisoners since the first war, he said.

Earlier, the Security Supreme Committee accused Al Houthis of procrastinating in implementing the six conditions.

On his part, the rebels spokesman said the accusations of the security committee are unreal, saying “We have implemented serious steps on the field in addition to releasing captured soldiers and people, we have withdrew from 7 districts and Saudi bordered areas and government institutions.”

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