Monday, 3 May 2010

Man killed three injured by separatists

By Nasser Arrabyee/03/05/2010

A Yemeni man was killed and three others at least were injured when armed and masked separatists opened fire randomly in a crowded market to force people to go on a strike called for by separatists in the southern province of Al Dhale'e, said eyewitnesses Monday.

Security forces arrested some of the attackers who were shooting and shouting at the people to go away from the market in Sanah area, the eyewitnesses said.

A disgruntled group in Al Dhale'e, calling itself the supreme council for liberating the south, called Sunday for a civil disobedience for six hours on Monday.

Armed separatists implemented Monday three operations against government officials in the province of Al Dhale'e where separation sentiments are in rise, according to local sources.

Armed separatists opened fire at the car of the deputy governor of Al Dhale'e, Mohammed Ghaleb Al Atabi, and at the car of director of Jehaf district, Ahmed Hamoud Al Arabi, but both of them were unharmed, the sources said.

The local government buildings of Al Dhale'e were also under fire of the separatist groups, who wanted to impose the disobedience by forces, the sources said.

Separately, on Sunday evening, five security soldiers were injured when their colleague opened fire inside the building of the security forces of Al Dhale'e province. The head of security in the province said the soldier who opened fire on his colleagues had psychological problems.

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