Friday, 21 May 2010

Unity between Hopes and Concerns

By Ashwaq Arrabyee

The 20th anniversary of Yemen Unity comes this time in more troubled circumstances facing Yemen than ever before. Whilst the official statements and speeches about the achievements of Yemen Unity are increased, some concerns have begun to surface over the current situation of Unity.

Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani, chairman of the Shura Council, said that the Yemeni unity is not in danger and it is protected by Allah and Yemeni people.

This celebration of this anniversary embodies the strong will of the Yemenis and their ability to achieve strategic and historical objectives and to confront malignant power and abort its destructive projects and protect the revolution, unity and democracy, Abdul Ghani said in an interview with the official Al-Methaq newspaper.

He confirmed that there is regional and international political and economic support for Unity of Yemen. This is a strong indication on the sacredness of Unity and clear support for choice of the Yemeni people in Unity, democracy and development.

He stressed that the southerners' demands are legitimate but exploited by separatists.
"The demand issues are considered legitimate by the State, but they were exploited by some elements that showed the hatred against the nation, Unity, security and stability. These sabotage acts carried out by those elements do not represent the will of Yemenis in the southern provinces as it reflects the malignant goals and objectives of the separatists received instructions from overseas."

On the other hand, some political activists expressed their disappointment from the current situation and the objectives achieved by the 20-year old Unity.

Dr. Moahmmed Abdul Malek Al-Mutawakel, assistant secretary general of the opposition party, federation of popular forces, said the Unity does not meet the objectives for which it was established.

He warned from this 'tragic' situation which does not protect unity saying "the current tragic situation deepens the rift between the sons of the one country and threatens the unification culture." He added that those who can’t combat injustice can't not protect the unity.

Unity and Democracy

Some political activists stated that the unity faced a number of crises which lead to shrinking democracy.

The unity and democracy are interrelated but the two leaders signing on the Unity Agreement were governed by a culture of totalitarian and autocracy which rejects the partnership with other. This culture renders the unity one of its most important pillars, Al Mutawakel said.

The war in 1994 between the two parties of Unity completely killed the unity of dialogue and democracy, he Added

Dr. Mohammed Al Dhaheri, professor of political science in Sana'a University, said the Yemeni Unity is the most precious unity in the world but it failed.

The State of Unity suffered from a number of complicated crises the main of which is that the authority started the separation between the unity and multi-party system and democracy in return of wealth, he said.

He confirmed the importance of reviewing the path of Unity as the only way to reduce errors and to regain the confidence in the Unity.

Unity is a means not an end

Al-Dhaheri stressed that the Unity is not an end but a means and it is not sacred. He called on all Yemenis to differentiate between the political system and Unity and to protect and defend unity without sacredness or lessening of importance of the Unity.

He demanded the opposition to raise the sense of Unity among its cadre and to detect the real dangers that threat the Unity.

The observers are expecting new things in the president's speech on this occasion. The president said last week that he will 'turn over the pages of the past and open a new page'.

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