Thursday, 23 December 2010

Cable: Yemen removed nuclear storage site's

Source: World Tribune, 24/12/2010

LONDON — Yemen, despite U.S. appeals, has suspended security measures at its nuclear storage plant.

A U.S. embassy cable reported fears of an Al Qaida attack on Yemen's National Atomic Energy Commission, which contains radioactive material. A memorandum to the State Department asserted that the Yemeni facility contained no protection.
"Very little now stands between the bad guys and Yemen's nuclear material," the January 2010 cable, released by WikiLeaks, said.

The cable from the U.S. embassy was sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Copies were also relayed to the CIA and FBI.
The Yemeni facility was said to have removed its lone guard in 2010. The facility contained one closed-circuit video security camera, broken in mid-2009 and never repaired.

The National Atomic Energy Commission was said to store large quantities of radioactive material. This included substances ordered by hospitals, universities and the energy sector.

Officials were said to have feared that Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula could steal the nuclear material from Yemen. They said AQAP could assemble a so-called dirty bomb that could harm people and disrupt the economy. The administration of President Barack Obama refused to comment.

"Post will continue to push senior ROYG [Republic of Yemen Government] officials to increase security at all National Atomic Energy Commission facilities and provide us with a detailed accounting of all radioactive materials in the country," the cable said


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