Monday, 13 December 2010

Yemen opposition threatens to take to streets

By Nasser Arrabyee /13/12/2010
The Yemen opposition parties threatened to take to the streets if the ruling party goes to elections alone next April.

The coalition of the parties called for action of anger that never stops until the ruling party recanted its unilateral steps.This comes4 after the majority of the ruling voted earlier this week on amendments of the current elections law to form an election commission of judges rather than of representatives from all parties in the parliament .

"the vote is violation of the constitution and laws not to mention the fact that it is an overthrow on the February 2009 agreement."The opposition and ruling party agreed on February 2009 to delay the elections for two years until April 2011 to do political reforms. No reforms at all have been done so far.

The ruling party says elections must take place on time otherwise the country will be in constitution vacuum.The opposition parties which includes Islamists Socialists and Nasserites say the ruling party wants elections that keep it in power.

" we call for an action of anger that never quietens down until we restore the rights to changes, social justice and equal citizenship," said the coalition of the opposition parties in statement read in a press conference held Monday by top leaders of the parties.

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