Thursday, 23 December 2010

Yemen invested international concern successfully, minister

Source: Saba, 23/12/2010

SANA'A- Yemeni government and diplomacy has successfully invested the international concern in favor of the country, the 26 September Weekly Newspaper quoted on Thursday Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi as saying.

In an interview with the 26 September Weekly Newspaper, al-Qirbi said that the Ministerial Meeting of the Group of Yemen's Friends in Riyadh during next February would handle the development requirements in Yemen, whether in economic or security aspects , as well as supporting the political issues treated by the government.

He expressed his hope that the Riyadh meeting would be an identifying mark in the developmental cooperation, calling on Yemen's friends to push forward the existing cooperation from the stage of words to the stage of actions in order to improve citizens' living conditions, create job opportunities, and uproot poverty.

Al-Qirbi revealed that the National Committee to deal with the file of Yemen's Friends, led by Prime Minister Ali Mujawar, is preparing three files to be submitted to the meeting as well as a timetable and priorities.

Yemen hopes that the positions of Friends would be translated into financial commitments covering the financial requirement for the implementation of projects and plans, al-Qirbi pointed out.

He noted that Yemen is in need to achieve an economic growth through attracting investments to the country and opening doors for Yemeni labor in the GCC countries, affirming that these issues would occupy the forefront in the Riyadh meeting

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