Saturday, 30 April 2011

Al Qaeda suspect with explosive belt was arrested in Hodeida

By Nasser Arrabyee/30/04/2011
An Al Qaeda suspect wearing an explosive belt was arrested with three others in the coastal city of Hodeida, local tribal sources said Saturday.
The 20-year old Adel Ahmed Al Sufi, from Al Marawah,  with a friend of his from the province of Abyan , were arrested in a check point south of the city of Hodiedah, the  tribal leader Essam Shuraim said.
“The two young people were arrested late Friday  at the entrance of Al Duraimah district south of the city of Hodiedah,” said Essam Shuraim, who is one of the tribal Shiekhs  of Al Duraima district.
The two young people were accompanied by two others who were working as soldiers in the security forces. “It’s not clear whether the two soldiers were helping the two young people who are almost working with Al Qaeda, or not,” Shuraim said.
“One of the soldier was from the navy, and other  was from the central security,” he added.  
All the four were handed over  to criminal  investigation bureau of Hodeida, said the tribal sheikh.

“It was not clear what target they were going to hit, but from primary investigations, the one with the explosive belt  at least was Al Qaeda member,” Shuraim said.       

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