Saturday, 16 April 2011

US-backed GCC plan wants President Saleh to step down within month

By Nasser Arrabyee/16/04/2011

The Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the defected general Ali Muhsen should leave Yemen after Saleh handed his powers to a deputy agreed by all, according to a US-back and Saudi-led GCC plan, sources said Saturday.

The US and EU ambassadors in Sana’a suggested that President Saleh should declare his step down within a month after he appointed a new deputy, Al Ola daily newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying.

A deal would be signed soon by the President Saleh and the Islamist-led opposition parties (Joint Meeting Parties JMPs) . President Saleh should transfer his presidential powers to a new deputy within a week after signing the Washington-sponsored deal.

The paper said that President Saleh requested that the new deputy should be Dr. Ali Mohammed Mujawar (prime minister of the current acting government) or Rashad Al Alimi (deputy prime minister for security and defense affairs).

After appointing a new deputy and handing over powers to him, Saleh should submit his resignation to the Parliament and should have a guarantee that he would not be put on trial.

Saleh’s son Ahmed (commander of republican guards) and his nephew Amar Saleh (commander of national security agency, intelligence), and his nephew Yahya Saleh (commander of central security forces) should leave the country after transferring the power to the new President.

The new President should issue a decree to form an opposition-led national unity government for running the country until elections are held.

The former President Saleh and the defected general Ali Muhsen should leave Yemen after that.

The opposition JMPs and their young people in the sit-in squares should stop and end all kind of protests and demonstrations, the paper said.

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