Monday, 11 April 2011

11 Al Qaeda operatives and two soldiers killed in terrorist attack

By Nasser Arrabyee/11/04/2011

A total of 11 Al Qaeda operatives and two soldiers were killed in clashes between Yemeni troops and Al Qaeda in Mudyiah, Abyan province south of Yemen, the official news agency Saba said late Monday.

Two of those killed were foreigners, one of them called Al Muhajer, the agency said.
“A group of Al Qaeda operatives attacked the check point at Ameen area in Mudyiah district, but the heroes of the brigade 111 fought them back killing eleven of them and injuring many others,” the agency said.
Two soldiers were killed and five others injured in the attack, the agency added.

Late last month, Al Qaeda declared the province of Abyan as an Islamic Emirate after it (Al Qaeda) totally controlled parts of the province like Ja’ar exploiting the country’s 70-day old unrest.

The head of the Jihadists in Ja’ar, identified himself only as Abu Basir, said his group has the same vision the same fate of Al Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan.

“We have the same vision, the same goal, and the same fate of Taliban and Al Qaeda, but we are not linked with them organizationally,” Abu Basir told the Yemeni local journalist Abdul Khalek Al Hood.

The journalist who met Abu Basir on Saturday in Ja’ar said the men and women in Ja’ar wear almost the same clothes as the Afghan people.

Abu Basir denied that his group was behind the bombing of the ammunition factory in Al Husn area in Ja’ar late last month. About 150 people were killed when the 6 October factory of ammunition in Al Husn area in Ja’ar district in Abyan province, exploded allegedly because of remnant of a cigarette. The local people were looting the factory after the Al Qaeda militants controlled the area.

Abu Basir also said that he and his group are ready to follow the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh if he rules with Shariah, the Islamic law, according to their interpretation. The full interview was published in Arabic in Mareb press website.

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