Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Army forces intensify air strikes on al-Qaida in south Yemen

Source: Xinhua 14/06/2011

The army forces intensified air-strikes against al-Qaida targets in Yemen's southern province of Abyan, carrying out a number of strikes on Tuesday, a local military official told Xinhua.

Strikes by the air forces warplanes shelled several al-Qaida hideouts in Jaar city, the official told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

A number of trucks of al-Qaida militants were shelled, which left serious casualties among the militants, he said, adding that a large-scale of bombing was also launched on al-Qaida sites in Zinjibar city.

Meanwhile, local residents told Xinhua that dozens of al-Qaida militants were seen Tuesday morning at a cemetery, in what is believed they were burying the victims of the bombing.

A tribal mediation led by a powerful tribesman began on Tuesday, a local tribal chief told Xinhua by phone.

In recent weeks government troops in the south have battled both anti-government armed tribesmen and al-Qaida militants.

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