Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Army forces retook city from Al Qaeda   

Army forces retook city from Al Qaeda

Source: Xinhua , 08/06/2011

ADEN, Yemen- Yemeni army forces on Wednesday managed to regain control of a shipping lane and a seaport seized by al-Qaida militants during the fierce battles last week in Yemen 's southern province of Abyan, a local military official told Xinhua.

After fierce confrontations, the army forces forced al-Qaida militants to leave the important seaport which was seized by al- Qaida last week, the official told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

New reinforcements took part in the regaining of control of the seaport, the official said.

The army forces determined to continue in regaining control of Zinjibar, the provincial capital city of Abyan, he added.

At least 30 al-Qaida militants, including a high-ranking leader, were killed Tuesday during fierce battles with the army forces, the country's defense ministry said.

Al-Qaida militants seized control of the government buildings and facilities including banks in several major cities in south Yemen during the past three weeks, killing and injuring dozens of soldiers.

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