Sunday, 11 September 2011

230 soldiers, 30 Al Qaeda leaders killed before cleansing two towns from terrorists

By Nasser Arrabyee/11/09/2011

A total of 230 military individuals were killed and more than 600 others injured before Al Qaeda was defeated and driven away from two cities declared as Taliban-style Islamic Emirates earlier this year, military officials said on Sunday.

About 30 famous Al Qaeda leaders were killed during the three months battles of liberation.

Those killed and injured were from the brigades of the southern military region that restored total control on Zinjubar on Saturday after Al Qaeda fighters escaped to the mountains of Hatat, according the minister of defense Mohammed Nasser Ahmed who visited the victorious brigades in Zinjubar today Sunday.

The minister Ahmed met the commander of the southern region Mahdi Makwala, and commander of the 25th Mica, Mohammed Al Sawmali, and commander of 201 brigade Mahmaoud Al Subhi.

Meanwhile, the Vice President Abdu Rabu Mansor Hadi said that about 30 of Al Qaeda well-known leaders were killed during the battles of liberating the two towns of Zinjubar and Ja’ar.

About 90 soldiers and officers were killed from the brigade 25th Mica which was blockaded by Al Qaeda for about three months at the outskirts of Zinjubar, according to Mr. Hadi who was briefing the EU ambassadors in Sana’a about the military victory over Al Qaeda on Sunday.

The confrontations between the government troops and Al Qaeda operatives forced tens of thousands to displace from the two towns and areas around them.

Now that Al Qaeda is gone, the minister of State Ahmed Al Kuhlani expected that all the displaced persons would return home very soon.

He said in a press statement today Sunday that about 180,000 refugees would return as soon as the military and security forces made sure the areas are cleaned from mines and explosives planted by the terrorists of Al Qaeda.

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