Saturday, 24 September 2011

President Saleh should resign if he could not  protect civilians from the defected general's war, official says 

By Nasser Arrabyee,24/09/2011

The deputy minister of information,  Abdul Janadi called President Ali Abdullah Saleh to resign if he  could not stop  the defected general Ali Muhsen from waging the war in the streets of the  capital Sanaa.

" We want president  Saleh to force Ali Muhsen to stop  this crazy war in the streets where civilians are killed," said Abdu Al Janadi in his weekly press conference held Saturday in Sanaa.

"If the  president could not stop the war and protect the innocents in the streets, then he should resign, and that's better for him," Al Janadi added.

Earlier in the day and last night clashes and explosions  could be heard around the sit-in square between opposition forces including defected troops and armed tribesmen fighting with them and Saleh forces despite a fragile truce called for by President Saleh after he returned.

Shortly after his return from Saudi Arabia on Friday September 23, President Saleh said " I came back with olive branch and doves of peace. I am not malicious and will not take revenge against anyone."

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