Saturday, 15 October 2011

Eight Al Qaeda operatives killed in airstrike


By Nasser Arrabyee 15/10/2011

At least eight Al Qaeda operatives were killed  in an airstrike on a town  overrun by Al Qaeda militants  in the southern province of Shabwah, local sources said Saturday.

The leading member of Al Qaeda Abu Abdul Rehman Al Saeedi was among those who were killed said the sources who saw and identified some of the dead bodies.

The airstrike was implemented on  the group who were trying to bomb a gas pipeline which is extended from Mareb province to Belhaf area in Shabwah.

The sources said Al Qaeda operatives   bombed part of  the gas pipe line close to the control area number 9. 

The flames and cloud of smoke could be seen from far places early morning Saturday.

Other sources said that Al Qaeda ( Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsular )  media man Ibrahim Al Bana'a was among those who were killed in the airstrike. Al Bana'a is an Egyptian who has been fighting with Al Qaeda since late 1990s. He is wanted for Yemeni Saudi and Egyptian authorities.

The local people could not say for sure whether the airstrikes were implemented by Yemeni fighter jets or by American drones.


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