Thursday, 27 October 2011

Yemen LNG 'back in business' despite Al Qaeda attacks 

Source: UPI,27/10/2011

Yemen-A natural gas company in Yemen said Wednesday it was "back in business" following repairs to natural gas facilities that were attacked this month.

Engineers at Yemen LNG said they completed repairs on the pipeline, adding annual maintenance was also completed. Francois Rafin, general manager at LNG, said liquefied natural gas production from the Balhaf facility in southern Yemen restarted Wednesday.

"We are back in business," he said in a statement.

Yemen LNG said cargo that was canceled in October would be delivered by early January.

Opposition groups and al-Qaida were blamed for attacking one of the company's natural gas pipelines in Shaba province earlier this month.

The energy company said surveillance and protection of pipelines were upgraded following the attack.

Violence in Yemen is on this rise as the country's president clings to power. Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula has stepped up its attacks in Yemen after two of its key figures were killed, allegedly by missiles fired from CIA drones.


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