Monday, 31 October 2011

Yemen Nobel peace prize winner described as criminal and traitor 

By Nasser Arrabyee,31/10/2011

A fundamentalist cleric described the Yemeni noble peace prize winner as a  " criminal, and traitor" calling  her for repentance.

" Tawakul Karman was given the prize of Jews and Christians as a reward for her major treason of Islam, State and the People," said The Salafi cleric Mohammed Al Emam in a lengthy lecture  on Ms Karman.

" This woman corrupted the women and men, and she and  those like her need to repent to Allah Almighty before they die," said Al  Emam in his lecture which was widely  distributed in Yemen by  followers this week.

Mohammed Al Emam,  heads one of  the largest and most famous and extremist  Salafi schools in Yemen.

In addition to his School, located in town  of Mabar, some 70 km south of the Yemeni capital Sanaa, there are about 4,000 other similar Salafi schools scattered all over the poor country. 

Gulf Salafi  businessmen and other religious groups, especially from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, financially and logistically support these schools.

"This woman called for rebellion against Allah, and his Messenger and Hejab, and this a criminal call," said the Salafi cleric who has tens of thousands of followers in Yemen.

Al Emam also blasted Tawakul's party, the Islamist party, Islah and called its leaders to repent to Allah Almighty as well for  dealing with the enemies, in clear reference to Americans and Westerners in general. 

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