Friday, 18 May 2012

 Al Qaeda escaping to the  last stronghold,after training camp destroyed by shelling from the sea

By Nasser Arrabyee,18/05/2012

A training camp for Al Qaeda was destroyed by shelling from the Sea on  the coastal town of Shuqra, said local sources Friday.

The camp was located in the area of Shaka  at the outskirts of Shukra, one of the last  strongholds of Al Qaeda  on the Gulf of Aden, 

Several militants were killed and injured by the shelling before militants moved to hide in a girls school at the eastern extreme of the town, said the sources.

No militants from Al Qaeda could be seen on Friday  in any of the  check points previously deployed in and outside of the town,  said the sources.

The shelling was coming from warships in the Arabian Sea,local people believe that American warships participate in the unprecedented ongoing campaign against Al Qaeda from the sea and the air drones.

" We expect that Al Qaeda fighters would move to Azzan in Shabwah, especially after their defeats in Lawdar and Jaar," said Mohammed who fights  with the Anti-Al Qaeda popular committees in Lawdar.

Likewise,6 Al Qaeda operatives were killed including one of the leaders when loyal  tribesmen attacked a position of Al Qaeda in Batais  area at the outskirts of Jaar.

Ahmed Abdu Al Nabi,( brother of the leader Khaled Abdul Nabi) , Nader Al Shadadi, Jihad Al Azzani, and Hamada Al Shadadi  were killed Friday in Jaar in clashes with loyal tribesmen, who started to form committees like those in Lawdar.

  These clashes come only hours before the end of the  48- hour ultimatum given on Thursday  by the army to civilians to get out from Jaar to protect themselves from a comprehensive attack on Jaar.

 The army is already controlling the areas of Al Rawa, Husn, Batais, and October 7 at the outskirts of Jaar. The distance from the  middle of the town to October 7 area is only about 1 kms, according to the local residents.


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