Thursday, 10 May 2012

Al Qaeda kidnapped 8-year old boy, as drone attacks continue 

By Nasser Arrabyee,10/05/2012

Al Qaeda is holding an 8-year old boy who was kidnapped with his father, relatives of the boy said Thursday.

Ezat Ghalib was living with his father who was working as cook for the troops in Dawfas, said the relatives. 

The father Ghalib, from Ibb province, was kidnapped last Monday when Al Qaeda attacked two military positions at the outskirts of Zinjubar, killing at least 20 and kidnapping about 25.

Earlier in Thursday, 10 Al Qaeda operatives were killed in a US drone attack and a number of air strikes by Yemeni air forces on the areas of Al Husn in the Al Qaeda-held town of Jaar. Abu Huthaifa Al Sanani was one of those killed, according to local sources. 

Sources from Al Qaeda side said Kheldoon Al Sayed, the second man in Abyan after the Emir Al Khadir Hussein Al Jadani, was killed  with three others by another US drone on the area of Al Mashro in Shaqrah, 50 km east of Zinjubar.

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