Monday, 7 May 2012

In a new massacre, Al Qaeda kills 20 soldiers 

By Nasser Arrabyee, 07/05/2012

A total of 21 dead bodies of soldiers were found today after Al Qaeda implemented a surprise attack on two military positions at the outskirts of Zinjubar, said local medics sources Monday.

10 dead bodies of soldiers were found in the position of Husn Jafar, and 11 other dead bodies were found at the position of Isteraht Mashhoor. The two positions are located between Al Kud and Zinjubar, said military sources. 

About 40 killed and injured soldiers arrived in the hospital of Ba Suhaib in Aden this morning, said medical sources in the hospital. 

At least 25 soldiers were detained, three tanks were looted, three vehicles, artillery and machine guns were also looted in this attack.

Only one day after President Hadi vowed to cleanse the whole country of terrorists, Al Qaeda implemented this attack almost in the same place where it attacked last March 4th, killing 185 soldiers and injuring 200 others and detaining 73.

The attack came only hours after the senior Al Qaeda leader Fahd Al Qusu was killed in a US drone attack in the area of Rafadh, in the neighboring province of Shabwah. 

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