Thursday, 10 January 2013

Tribal leader killed by Al Qaeda suspects

Tribal leader killed by Al Qaeda suspects

By Nasser Arrabyee, 10/01/2013

The tribal leader, Sheikh Ali Abdul Salam, Mulla Zabar, was killed and one of his bodyguards injured in Thaykah area, of the mountaineous district of Al Mahfad, one of the most important strongholds of Al Qaeda in the south, said relatives Thursday. 

Mulla Zabar, previously he had links with Al Qaeda, was in his way from Aden to the Shabwah when three gunmen riding a pick up car met him in Thaykah area where they talked with him for sometimes before they shot him dead, said his brother Abu Bakr Abdul Salam.

One of his bodyguards, called Mohammed Ahmed Saleh Al Shaibi, was injured in the operation. Now the remains of Mualla Zabarah and the injured Al Shaibah in the hospital of Al Mahfad, said the brother.Mr  Zabarah, who mediated between Al Qaeda and the government many time. He was the main mediator between Al Qaeda French organizations when Al Qaeda released three French hostages in 2011.

The brother Abu Bakr did not accuse any one, but he said there must be investigations.

However, Mulla Zabar said one week ago that his life was in danger and he wanted to seek asylum in a  European Country. 

"My life is in danger now here in Shabwah, I want to seek asylum in one of the European countries," he told the journalist Nasser Arrabyee,  over phone from Shabwah one week  before he was killed. 

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