Friday, 25 January 2013

Yemen Seizes New Turkish-Made Gun Cargo

Yemen Seizes New Turkish-Made Gun Cargo

 Source: Yemen Post Staff, 26/01/2013

The Yemeni authorities seized on Thursday a new Turkish-made arms cargo inside a container which was anchored and have been watched at the Aden port since mid-November. 

Head of the customs authority Muhammad Zimam said the cargo included scores of boxes containing machine guns that were produced and shipped in Turkey, the state news agency Saba said. 

“According to preliminary information, the cargo included about 3780 machine guns, T14 type,” he was quoted as saying. 

The guns were registered as plastic materials but the inspection systems revealed how the guns were smuggled in a very complicated way, he added. 
The container was seized in mid-November after it appeared suspicious, Zimam said, pointing out the authorities have been watching it and waiting for its owner to submit his cargo papers for the past few months.

“We were informed the cargo was shipped for a military service. Then we coordinated with the intelligence to open it and found the guns”. 

The cargo was part of a string of weapon seizures in recent months including those coming from Turkey and China and which reportedly were said to have been shipped for violent groups in the country. 

Also, it comes amid thriving arms and drugs trade and smuggling because of the alarming security disorder which casts a cloud on the political transition in Yemen.

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