Friday, 1 October 2010

10-year plan for development of Yemen Coastguard Forces


A senior Yemeni military official said on Friday that the Yemeni Coastguard Forces would be able to implement a strategy of developing and enhancing its functions in order to protect regional and international water from smuggling and maritime piracy in the Gulf of Aden.

The Commander of the Yemeni Coastguard Forces Authority Brigadier General Ali Ahmed Rasa'a added that the strategy includes a ten-year plan aims at completing the infrastructure of the authority in the coastal areas of the country in order to control the security aspects in the Yemeni ports and save its coastal strip, including the fight against drug trafficking and piracy and the protection of the marine environment.

The senior Yemeni officials also said that the strategy received support from foreign donors and organizations.

"The strategy of the Coastguard Forces Authority received an international support during the recent meeting of the Friends of Yemen, which held in New York", he said.Rasa'a added that international donors have considered the ten-year plan for development of the Yemeni Coastguard Forces an excellent type of close cooperation between the Yemeni authorities and the donors.

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