Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Terrorist attack on UK ambassador convoy, two passers-by injured

06/10/2010By Nasser Arrabyee 06/10/2010
The British embassy said Wednesday that the ambassador was not in the car that escaped unharmed a terrorist attack nearby the embassy.
Earlier in the day, gunmen believed to be Al Qaeda members, fired mortars, or RPGs, at the convoy of the British ambassador nearby the embassy early morning Wednesday. Sources from the embassy said no casualties at all.

The embassy also said it was only one car carrying the embassy staff , which escaped the mortars unharmed. The ambassador was not there at the time . eyewitness said a child and his mother, who were passing by in the area, were injured when the targeted escaping car ran over them.

The incident took place almost in the same place where the outgoing British ambassador Tim Tolort survived an assassination attempt earlier this year .

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