Saturday, 16 October 2010

Al Qaeda suspect arrested, reward for arresting 8 others announced

By Nasser Arrabyee/16/10/2010
The Yemeni security forces arrested an Al Qaeda suspect in south Yemen while chasing after a group accused of killing a local security official, said the ministry of interior Saturday.

“The member of Al Qaeda Hani Ali Mohammed Al Thuraya, was arrested during a chasing operation in the area of Al Salamia and Al Jezah in Mudia district,” said the ministry in a statement.

Al Thuray, who was arrested with hand grenades, a wireless communication device, and explosives in his possession, was put in the central prison of Abyan, for investigation measures, the ministry said.

Meanwhile, the ministry put a reward of 20 million Yemeni Rials (about 100,000 US$) for information leading to the arrest of any one of eight men wanted as Al Qaeda members. The ministry published their names and pictures calling the public to cooperate with the security forces to arrest them.

The ministry said that these eight were misled by terrorists who love killing and destruction, and brain-washed with dark, astray, and deviant thoughts that push them to death.
The ministry warned from providing any kind of help to those element who were identified as :
Ameen Abdullah Abdul Rehamn Al Othmani
Bashir Mohammed Ahmed Al Hulaisi
Shawki Ali Ahmed Al Badani
Abdul Elah Ali Kasem Al Mesbahi
Abdul Hamid Ahmed Al Jaishi
Mohammed Ali Abdullah Al Nashiri
Musleh Abdullah Ahmed Al Hulaisi.
Yousef Ahmed Muthna Ziyod.

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